A new play by Alright Mate? co-founder Cally Hayes about love, loss and parenthood. Cracking takes an intimate look from a father’s perspective about what happens when you survive the worst but now risk losing everything.
Three days into motherhood, Rachel didn’t recognise herself. There was nothing Sam wouldn’t do to keep his family together. Practical and hands on, he stuck with it, held his tongue and eventually Rachel got better. So why are they now sitting on a therapist’s couch tumbling back into the past and Sam in real danger of losing his footing?

Inspired by interviews with couples who’ve recovered from postnatal illness, Cracking combines refreshingly honest new writing with testimony and vibrant physicality.

"Deceptively simple, meticulously researched and beautifully crafted, Cracking brings its audience face to face with the shared mental health challenges of new parenthood."
Daniel Buckroyd, Artistic Director, Exeter Northcott Theatre

"Raw, pressurised, exposed and exposing, Cracking grabs you from the inside out."

2019 Tour Details

Newtown Community Association (Belmont Hut)
Alright Mate? 9 - 12 October
Cracking 12 October 6 - 9pm

St Thomas Library
Alright Mate? 14-19 October

St Thomas Church Hall
Cracking 19 October 6 - 9pm

Wonford Phoenix Suite
Alright Mate? 24 - 26 October
Cracking 26 October 6-9pm

Exeter Phoenix 
Cracking 29&30 October

Beacon Children’s Centre
Alright Mate? 7 - 9 November
Cracking 9 November 6 - 9pm

Rondo theatre, Bath
Cracking 14 November 730pm

Newcourt community centre 
Alright Mate? 14 - 16 November
Cracking 16 November
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