Our first installation was made before we formed as a company and is now our namesake. In early 2018 we interviewed a wide range of men in Exeter about their ideas and experiences of mental health. We then teamed up with wet-plate photographer Stephen Raff to produce portraits of the participants. The portraits are displayed with headphones that play looping medleys of excerpts of the conversations we had. 
We first exhibited at Roots Foundation Barbershop & Social Space before touring to art spaces and conferences and winning 1st prize for art at PsychArt Conference 2018. 
We plan on touring the exhibition to more barbershops soon!
Exeter Phoenix
Mikrofest @ Kaleider
Wellcome Centre, Exeter
Psychart Festival
Roots Foundation Barbershop and Social Space
Newtown Community Centre
St Thomas Library
Wonford Sports Centre
St Thomas Church Hall
The Beacon, Exeter
Wonford Phoenix Suite
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