Calling everyone in construction!

Do you want to help sort out mental health in construction?
Do you fancy £25 and a chance to share your ideas?
Do you have an hour to spare in March/April?

This Spring, we are making an interactive poster for construction sites with construction workers from across the South West and beyond. 

Below is a mockup of how it will look. 

People scan the QR code and hear extracts of conversations with people in construction chatting about stress and looking after themselves and their mates in the industry. Could you be a voice that people hear?

The portraits will be in this style and all participants will get a copy of their portrait. Portraits are optional. No names will be used in the posters or audio.

The idea is that when we hear relatable voices, we are much more likely to listen, especially about things like mental health. This will help normalise the topic in the industry and mean more people get the help they need before their situation gets worse. 

How to get involved.

Step 1: 

Register interest in the form below.

Step 2: 

Based on where you are, your availability and whether you'd like a portrait, we'll arrange to either come to you or invite you to a session in one of the cities we are working in. 

Step 3: 

We pay you £25. Your thoughts, stories and ideas are used to normalise the topic of mental health in construction, increase the likelihood people get help when they need it, and reduce the amount of unnecessary grief in your industry.
Thank you!
Why are we doing this?

- Every year over 2.4 million work days are lost through injury or illness in the construction industry.
- Stress, depression or anxiety account for a fifth of all work-related illness in this industry.
- A male construction worker is 3x more likely to die by suicide than the average UK male.

Posters will be available for purchase by sites from May 2020 at £100 each.
See below for example of how it will look.

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