Calling everyone in construction!

Do you want to help sort out mental health in construction?
Do you fancy £25 and a chance to share your ideas?
Do you have half an hour to spare?

We are making an interactive poster for construction sites that links viewers to audio of members of the industry talking about their thoughts, ideas and experiences of mental health in the industry

Whilst Alright Mate? work primarily in male mental health, this project is not limited to male participants and audiences. We are interested in construction as a traditionally very masculine world, and therefore the experiences around mental health within it. 

How to get involved?

If you would like to get involved, we are paying people £25 for approx 30 minutes of time chatting over Zoom about their thoughts about mental health in the industry. This can be lighthearted or serious, personal or anecdotal. You may be apprenticing, senior or anything between. This is open to everyone who works in the industry.

After the conversation, we edit segments from the audio from all the conversations together. Participants can specify if there are any parts of their conversation that they would not like to include and will remain anonymous. 

These posters will be distributed across the UK from 2021, with 30 posters due to be installed in Kier sites in the South West in 2021. 

Please email to sign up or ask questions.

Why are we doing this?

The idea is that when we hear relatable voices, we are much more likely to listen, especially about things like mental health. This will help normalise the topic in the industry and mean more people get the help they need before their situation gets worse. 

- Every year over 2.4 million work days are lost through injury or illness in the construction industry.

- Stress, depression or anxiety account for a fifth of all work-related illness in this industry.

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